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BookAuthor talks to the illustrator.

Author talks to the illustrator.

1) How old were you when you first started illustrating/creating art ?

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. It was always clear that I would draw and that my future would be connected to art. I studied at an art school, then at the Academy. Everything from there was related to art (one way or another). I explored contemporary art and web design; I then founded and ran an art school for adults. Each stage of my life has been exciting and rewarding, and I've learned a lot. I do think there's something special about illustration. It reveals a new and huge world for me; each book is an adventure.

2) What was your favourite book growing up as a child?

As a child, I really liked the tales of Hans Christian Anderson. I still do.

3) What inspires you as an artist/what have been your major artistic influences?

For me, making art is a way of getting to know myself. It’s an opportunity to penetrate beyond what we perceive as everyday reality, to understand the world in its entirety. I love illustrating. A well-written text is a guide; a bridge between the everyday world and the spiritual. I can express this consonance of worlds through colour, composition, and plasticity of forms. For me, as an illustrator, the text is an inspiration. I also draw inspiration from the work of other artists and illustrators. The world of illustration is represented by outstanding artists. There is a huge variety of styles and ways of speaking with your audience, it is very inspiring.

4) What was your favourite illustration in Arthur and magic book and why ?

I really like the first illustration Dina and I began working on. This is the illustration of Arthur riding a pig in the night sky and it was the first one we did. The illustration somehow came together right away and set the tone for the whole book. This illustration managed to convey the atmosphere of magic, which is embedded in the poem. I always consulted with this illustration while working on the book. I also like the illustration that shows the moment when Arthur opens the book for the first time; it perfectly conveys the special moment and the anticipation of magic. The expression on the boy's face and the light - everything works to convey the atmosphere of mystery and fairy tale.

4) What did you find most enjoyable about the story?

I think the language in the poem is wonderful. The tempo of the text perfectly conveys the mood. There's such a cascade of joy and magic, like the rise of fireworks in the night sky. The story itself is delightful. Just imagine bringing your drawings to life in the same way that Arthur can. I would have been captured by such a concept as a child. I also find the relationship and union of two friends (grandfather and grandson) heart-warming. They inspire one another.

6) What are your aspirations as an artist?

I’m very critical of my work, so I keep looking for a form that will correspond to my inner sense of harmony. I’m constantly looking for a way to make an image more vivid and expressive. I hope that I can continue to work with interesting authors and on work that will awaken something in me.

7) Aside from Arthur and the magic book, can you talk to us about your favourite piece of artwork you have produced and why?

I always hope that my best work will be the one I'm doing in the moment. I’m always in love with my current job, but I also hope that the next one will be even better. Therefore, my favorite work at the moment is the illustration that I am drawing now, an illustration for the fairy tale "Thumbelina".

8) If you could give one piece of advice to a young artist, what would it be?

Exploring the work of others is very important. It shapes your taste, and forms a kind of aesthetic standard that you strive for. It’s like a lighthouse that makes you overcome your inner boundaries, guiding you to go further and further. I would advise you to study and keep your finger on the pulse. Don't be afraid to experiment. Gradually this can lead to a sense of agreement with yourself, in what you are doing, and great satisfaction from your work.

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